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Table of Contents

Chapter: Basics of Cloud Computing and Azure Overview

The Course Overview

06m 57s

Cloud Computing Acronyms and Concepts

10m 6s

Microsoft Azure Overview

16m 36s

Chapter: Introducing Azure Subscriptions

Azure Subscriptions

07m 28s

Deploying an Azure Trial Subscription

08m 5s

Chapter: Introduction to Microsoft Azure Management Portals

Exploring the Azure Portals

07m 27s

Azure Management Tools

14m 12s

Chapter: Implementing an Azure Virtual Machine Architecture

Azure VM Architectural Design

14m 24s

Deploying Your First Azure Virtual Machine

08m 53s

Deploying a More Complex Azure VM Architecture

15m 23s

Handling Azure VM High Availability

09m 3s

Chapter: Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates

Deploying Azure Resources from Community Templates

08m 57s

Creating Your Own Customized ARM Templates

05m 4s

Automating Azure VM Deployment Using Configuration Management

17m 50s

Chapter: Implementing Azure Identity

Deploying Azure Active Directory

08m 20s

Integrating On-Premises Active Directory with Azure AD

09m 18s

Advanced Features of Azure Active Directory

03m 42s

Integrating Azure AD with SaaS Applications

09m 2s

Azure Active Directory Application Proxy

06m 30s

Chapter: Azure Monitoring and Diagnostics

Azure Built-In Monitoring

10m 12s

Operations Management Suite

11m 41s

Chapter: Azure Disaster Recovery Solutions

Implementing Azure Backup for Azure VMs

11m 54s

Implementing Azure Backup (Hybrid)

10m 15s

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) in Hyper-V and Non-Hyper-V Scenarios

21m 41s

Chapter: Creating and Managing SQL Services in Azure

Deploying SQL VM Solutions

05m 53s

Creating a SQL Azure DB Solution (PaaS)

08m 45s

Managing SQL Server and Databases Running in Azure

04m 24s

SQL Database (Backup and Restore)

04m 39s

Chapter: Implementing Azure Web Apps

Azure Web Apps and Plans and An Overview

03m 55s

Deploying Web Apps

08m 5s

Configuring Azure Web Apps Settings

08m 30s

Azure Web Apps Monitoring and Diagnostics

07m 35s

Building Scalable Web App Solutions

06m 20s

Chapter: Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Components

Introduction to Azure PaaS Solutions

03m 0s

Azure Queue Storage and Table Storage

05m 41s

Introduction to Azure Machine Learning

04m 48s

Azure Non-SQL Database Solutions and Cache

08m 44s

Azure IOT Solutions and Components

11m 9s

Azure Security Center

07m 16s