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Table of Contents

Chapter: Starting To Do a To-Do list

Building an Express/Node Server

10m 3s

Automatically Restarting Server with Nodemon

04m 53s

Adding a View Engine(EJS)

05m 55s

Understanding the Basics of MongoDB

06m 15s

Installing and Configuring Mongoose

06m 1s

Chapter: Integrating React as a Visual Layer

Packing the Client-Side Code

08m 36s

Exposing Our Deploy Folder

12m 19s

Transcribing Our Code to ES5 with BabeLJS

12m 8s

Our First Render with React DOM

06m 2s

Creating a React Component

04m 52s

Chapter: Understanding React as the Visual Layer

Building a Baseline Task Component

08m 40s

Creating Dynamic Components

07m 53s

Thinking in a Reusable Way

09m 8s

Adding User Initiated Events

06m 47s

Using State to Store New Task

05m 56s

Chapter: Building the Model Layer with Flux

Starting with a Dispatcher

11m 51s

Understanding the Flux Store

07m 52s

Creating Our First Action

07m 20s

Connecting It All Together

07m 38s

Fixing Bugs

07m 6s

Chapter: Building Out Tasks

Making Our Actions Async

12m 43s

Using Body Parser in Express

05m 48s

Creating a Mongoose Schema

05m 33s

Saving Task to Mongo

05m 27s

Getting All the Existing Task

09m 57s

Removing a Task

12m 44s