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Table of Contents

Chapter: Mastering Promises

The Course Overview

02m 58s

Understanding and Implementing Basic Promises

13m 20s

Chaining Promises and Promise Handlers

04m 30s

Creating Promise Wrappers with Promise.resolve() and Promise.reject()

03m 33s

Implementing Promise Barriers with Promise.all()

03m 43s

Canceling Asynchronous Actions with Promise.race()

03m 12s

Converting a Promise into an Observable

03m 18s

Converting an HTTP service Observable into a ZoneAwarePromise

03m 24s

Chapter: ReactiveX Observables

Basic Utilization of Observables with HTTP

12m 46s

Implementing a Publish-Subscribe Model Using Subjects

07m 44s

Creating an Observable Authentication Service Using BehaviorSubjects

11m 11s

Building a Generalized Publish-Subscribe Service to Replace $broadcast, $emit, and $on

10m 43s

Using QueryLists and Observables to Follow the Changes in ViewChildren

07m 32s

Building a Fully Featured AutoComplete with Observables

09m 36s

Chapter: The Component Router

Setting Up an Application to Support Simple Routes

12m 43s

Navigating with Router Links

06m 41s

Navigating with the Router Service

04m 38s

Selecting a Location Strategy for Path Construction

05m 23s

Building Stateful Router Link Behavior with Router Link Active

06m 25s

Implementing Nested Views with Route Parameters and Child Routes

10m 22s

Working with Matrix URL Parameters and Routing Arrays

05m 39s

Adding Route Authentication Controls with Route Guards

16m 27s

Chapter: Services, Dependency Injection, and NgModule

Injecting a Simple Service into a Component

05m 26s

Controlling Service Instance Creation and Injection with NgModule

06m 41s

Service Injection Aliasing with useClass and useExisting

08m 19s

Injecting a Value as a Service with useValue and OpaqueTokens

04m 59s

Building a Provider-Configured Service with useFactory

04m 54s