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Table of Contents

Chapter: Linear Regression: Predicting Arrests

The Course Overview

01m 56s

Your R Environment

03m 16s

Exploring the US Arrests Dataset

05m 1s

Creating Test and Train Datasets

03m 49s

Creating a Linear Regression Model

03m 46s

Scoring on the Test Set

05m 28s

Plotting the Test Results

04m 14s

Chapter: Classification

EDA: mtcars

03m 26s

Working with Factors

04m 27s

Scaling Data

04m 9s

Creating a Classification Model

02m 30s

Advanced Formulas

03m 48s

Precision, Recall, and F-Score

05m 19s

Chapter: Caret

Introduction to Caret

02m 32s

EDA and Preprocessing

10m 59s

Preparing Test and Train Datasets

03m 7s

Creating a Model

03m 7s

Cross Validation

03m 32s


06m 0s