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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup of the Example Lab Environment

Installation and Setup an Example Lab Overview

06m 35s

Installing the Vmware vSphere Infrastructure

03m 25s

Installing and Configuring Windows Server Components

01m 41s

Configuring Active Directory Components

04m 8s

Downloading the VMware Horizon Software

01m 45s

Chapter: Learning Vmware Horizon 7 Architecture

Introducing VMware Horizon View 7

24m 15s

VMware Horizon 7 Architecture and Feature Overview

14m 7s

Desktop Cloning with Instant and Linked Clones

24m 46s

Delivery Protocols and Hardware Accelerated Graphics

13m 5s

Chapter: Designing and Deploying VMware Horizon 7

Project Methodology and How to Approach a VDI Project

13m 54s

Desktop Assessments with Liquidware Labs Stratusphere

06m 46s

Proving the Technology

07m 52s

Designing and Deploying Vmware Horizon 7

04m 51s

Chapter: Installing and Configuring VMware Horizon 7

Installing View Composer

09m 57s

Installing the View Connection Server

05m 30s

Initial Connection Server Configuration

07m 0s

Installing the Replica Server

04m 48s

Installing the Security Server

07m 14s

Chapter: VMware Horizon View Cloud Pod Architecture

Cloud Pod Architecture Introduction and Design Overview

03m 50s

Initializing and Configuring Cloud Pod Architecture

06m 44s

Chapter: Securing Your Horizon 7 Environment with SSL Certificates

Deploying SSL Certificates

08m 11s

Chapter: Building and Optimizing the Virtual Desktop OS

Building a Windows 7 VDI Image

14m 34s

Optimizing the Windows 7 Image for Horizon View

05m 52s

Preparing the Virtual Desktop Machine for Delivery

03m 49s

Building a Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Machine

08m 26s

Optimizing the Windows 10 Image for Horizon View

06m 48s

Preparing the Virtual Desktop Machine for Delivery

02m 27s

Chapter: Advanced Desktop Pool Management

What is a Desktop Pool?

09m 4s

Creating an Instant Clone Desktop Pool

10m 42s

Entitling End Users to the Instant Clone Desktop Pool

02m 2s

The Instant Clone View in vCenter

00m 59s

Creating a Linked Clone Desktop Pool

12m 42s

Creating a Linked Clone Desktop Pool

02m 24s

The vCenter View of Linked Clone Desktops

00m 56s

Creating a Full Clone Desktop Pool

08m 14s

Entitling End Users to the Full Clone Desktop Pool

01m 33s

Creating a Manual Desktop Pool

05m 47s

Entitling End Users to the Full Clone Desktop Pool

02m 26s

Chapter: Display Protocols

What is a Display Protocol?

02m 33s

Display Protocol Options: PCoIP, Blast Extreme, and RDP

11m 21s

Chapter: Connecting to a View Desktop

Horizon Client Options

19m 46s

Fine Tuning the End User Experience

07m 24s

Managing and Monitoring the End User Experience

07m 12s

Chapter: Delivering Session-Based Desktops

Architecture and Sizing

04m 21s

Installing and Configuring the RDSH Role

10m 11s

Configuring Hosted Desktop Farms in the View Administrator

14m 22s

Configuring Load Balancing for RDSH Desktops

05m 29s

Chapter: Delivering Apps with Horizon View Hosted Apps

Architecture and Sizing

07m 40s

Installing and Configuring RDSH for View Hosted Apps

07m 5s

Configuring Horizon View Hosted App Farms

06m 9s

Configuring Load Balancing for View Hosted Apps

05m 12s

Chapter: Delivering Layered Apps with LWL FlexApp

What is Application Layering?

10m 12s

Capturing a FlexApp Application Layer

05m 24s

Entitling Users to FlexApp Application Layers

03m 39s

Chapter: User Environment Management for VDI

What is User Environment Management?

04m 31s

View Persona Management

12m 30s

Chapter: Advanced UEM with Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity

An Overview of Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity

07m 31s