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Table of Contents

Chapter: An Overview of WordPress and Its features

The Course Overview

02m 35s

The Admin Panel

03m 32s

The Admin Panel

11m 50s

The Admin Panel

13m 37s

The Difference between Posts and Pages

06m 22s

Chapter: Posts and Pages

How to Create a New Page?

16m 7s

Publishing Versus Draft Mode

02m 44s

Scheduling a Post

09m 49s

Setting Up Your Menus

07m 55s

Creating a Discussion Board

07m 34s

Chapter: Twenty Seventeen

Theme Twenty -Seventeen Overview

09m 45s

Getting Different Themes for Free

06m 55s

Purchasing a Theme

08m 48s

Chapter: Creating Graphics

What Is the Story of Your Site?

06m 23s

Choosing Colors

07m 32s

Getting Photos and Graphics for Your Site

07m 57s

Ways to Edit Your Image

06m 4s

Sizing Your Image

08m 37s

Chapter: HTML and CSS Tricks


06m 51s

HTML 5 Shortcuts

02m 57s


04m 26s

CSS Shortcuts

08m 23s