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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


05m 54s

Chapter: Simple Web Server

Project Intro

01m 5s

Installing Nodejs

04m 23s

NPM Intro and Basic HTTP Server

06m 36s

Serving HTML Pages

14m 13s

Basic Website

06m 59s

Chapter: Basic Express Website

Project Intro

00m 51s

Express Setup

09m 31s

Pages Routes and Views

19m 49s

Nodemailer Contact Form

15m 21s

Chapter: User Login System

Project Intro

01m 36s

Getting Started With MongoDB – Part A

08m 58s

Getting Started With MongoDB – Part B

05m 58s

App and Middleware Setup

17m 2s

Views and Layout

15m 33s

Register Form and Validation

13m 46s

Models and User Registration

12m 35s

Password Hashing with BCrypt

04m 44s

Passport Login Authentication

13m 59s

Logout and Access Control

07m 16s

Chapter: Node Blog System

Project Intro

02m 15s

pp and Module Setup

09m 36s

Custom Layout Template

08m 21s

Homepage Posts Display

11m 40s

Add Posts

19m 32s

Text Editor and Add Categories

08m 38s

Truncate Text and Categories View

13m 17s

Single Post and Comments

17m 11s

Chapter: Community Events

Project Intro

01m 49s

MongoLab Setup

03m 29s

Drywall Setup

06m 51s

Drywall Admin Area

08m 28s

Event Schemes and Listing – Part A

13m 31s

Event Schemes and Listing – Part B

10m 36s

Single Event and Adding Events

20m 44s

Editing and Deleting Events – Part A

12m 32s

Editing and Deleting Events – Part B

11m 26s

Chapter: Bookstore

Project Intro

02m 49s

Kraken Setup and Foundation

11m 21s

Routes and Views – Part A

12m 8s

Routes and Views – Part B

12m 53s

Database and Models – Part A

11m 2s

Database and Models – Part B

15m 50s

Admin CRUD – List and Add Books

14m 49s

Admin CRUD – Edit and Delete Books

15m 17s

Shopping Cart – Part A

12m 27s

Shopping Cart – Part B

09m 37s

Chapter: ChatIO

Project Intro

01m 23s

ChatIO User Interface

11m 58s

Sending Chat Messages

14m 28s

User Functionality

14m 0s

Deploying an App with Heroku

12m 4s

Chapter: FindaDoc Directory

Project Intro

01m 4s

Cassandra Install and Setup

14m 7s

FindaDoc User Interface

09m 48s

Express Setup

09m 31s

Express Layout

09m 53s

Fetch Doctors from Cassandra

16m 1s

Add and Search Doctors

14m 56s

Chapter: Portfolio App

Project Intro

01m 26s

MySQL and App Setup

15m 20s

Add Projects

15m 47s

Display Projects

10m 32s

Edit and Delete Projects

12m 46s

Chapter: eLearning System

Project Intro

03m 2s

App and Kickstart Setup

17m 2s

Fetching Classes – Part A

12m 41s

Fetching Classes – Part B

08m 21s

Registering Users

21m 8s

Logging in Users

14m 35s

Instructor and Student Classes

12m 55s

Classes Lessons

22m 20s

Chapter: Recipe Book

Project Intro

01m 12s

PostgreSQL Install and Database Setup

07m 40s

App and Dust Setup

11m 29s

Fetching and Displaying Recipes

16m 21s

Adding Recipes

08m 55s

Deleting Recipes

06m 27s

Editing Recipes

09m 34s

Chapter: Albumz Music Manager

Project Intro

02m 32s

App and Firebase Setup

13m 11s

Creating a Layout with EJS

10m 21s

Adding Genres and Albums

18m 40s

Listing Albums and Genres

12m 1s

Album Details Page

05m 3s

Edit Albums and Genres

13m 38s

Delete Albums and Genres

07m 59s

Register and Login

15m 22s

Access Control

15m 0s

Chapter: Summary


04m 30s