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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


04m 8s

Chapter: Simple Angular 2 Website

Project Intro

01m 22s

Setting Up an Angular 2 app

15m 16s

Navbar Component

10m 46s

Jumbotron Page Components

09m 11s

Angular 2 Router

09m 38s

Chapter: Github Profile Searcher

Project Intro

01m 0s

QuickStart and Profile Component Setup

09m 14s

GitHub Service and Get User

12m 44s

Displaying Profile Data

09m 51s

Displaying User Repos

07m 1s

Search User Functionality

07m 5s

Chapter: Spotify App

Project Intro

02m 26s

Navbar and Router Setup

18m 3s

Search Component and Service

15m 52s

Search Results

08m 18s

Artist Component and Route

14m 45s

Artist Albums Page

15m 21s

Album Component

14m 1s

Chapter: Mean Todos App

Project Intro

01m 18s

Express Server Setup

16m 11s

Backend API and MangoDB

18m 31s

Client Side Setup and Browser

14m 4s

Todos Component and UI

11m 49s

Display Todos From MangoDB

11m 3s

Saving Todos

07m 25s

Updating Todos

14m 7s

Deleting Todos

04m 38s

Chapter: Firebase Business Listings

Project Intro

03m 1s

AngularFire 2 and Firebase Setup

17m 5s

Firebase Service

14m 10s

Frontend UI with Foundation

13m 49s

Category Filter

18m 4s

Add a Business

11m 25s

Chapter: MyWorkouts Ionic 2 Mobile App

Project Intro

02m 22s

Ionic 2 and mLab Setup

14m 30s

Ionic 2 UI and Pages

13m 56s

Fetch Workouts through A Service

12m 6s

Workout List and Details Pages

12m 40s

Add Workouts

14m 26s

Delete Workouts

07m 16s

Chapter: MyWeather Ionic 2 Mobile App

Project Intro

02m 10s

WUnderground API and Ionic 2 Setup

10m 28s

Fetch Data Through Weather Service

16m 30s

Displaying The Weather Data

11m 14s

Autocomplete API

14m 47s

Choose City Functionality

06m 16s

Setting and Default City

17m 0s

Chapter: Choose City Functionality

Project Intro

03m 1s

Components and Router Setup

11m 19s

Creating the Auth Service

11m 4s

Login, Register, and User Profile

15m 17s

Auth0 Options

14m 35s

Auth Guard Blocking

17m 39s

Chapter: Maplt – Google Maps Apps


02m 29s

Google Maps Setup

13m 28s

Marker display

10m 35s

Map Functions and Events

06m 58s

Add Marker Form

13m 32s

Maker Service and Local Storage

11m 39s

Updating and Deleting Markers

09m 56s

Chapter: Movie Finder

Project Intro

01m 55s

Google Maps Setup

10m 0s

Marker display

18m 18s

Map Functions and Events

07m 3s

Maker Service and Local Storage

11m 55s

Updating and Deleting Markers

14m 47s

Chapter: Devlogger App

Project Intro

01m 53s

FeatherJS Setup

06m 53s

Angular Setup and Logs Component

08m 33s

Feathers Service and Get Logs

11m 15s

Add and Remove Logs

14m 28s

MUI User Interface

08m 4s

Chapter: SocketChat

Project Intro

02m 11s

Angular and Server Setup

07m 23s

Chat Component and Service

13m 32s

Message Stream

08m 34s

Chapter: Course Summary


04m 7s