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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 28s

About The Author

04m 16s

What Is Figma

05m 4s

Chapter: Building A Figma Project


00m 39s

Starting With Figma

04m 16s

Adding And Removing Files & Projects

04m 31s

Placing & Importing Into Figma

05m 54s

Team Building

03m 10s

Chapter: Adding Substance To The Project


00m 38s

Defining Projects With Frames

08m 39s

Designing With Shapes And The Pen Tool

08m 5s

Laying The Project Framework

08m 25s

Chapter: Working With Images And Components


00m 52s

Inserting Images Into A Project

06m 52s

Controlling Figma Content With Layers

06m 58s

Adding Components To A Project

07m 17s

Resizing Tips & Tricks

06m 53s

Moving Back In Time

03m 58s

Chapter: Formatting Text


00m 44s

Incorporating Text Into A Project

09m 56s

Formatting Paragraph Text

10m 2s

Chapter: Putting On The Finishing Touches


01m 7s

Previewing A Figma Project

02m 35s

Sharing With The Community

05m 13s

Adding Comments To A Project

02m 16s

Exporting A Figma Project

04m 12s

Chapter: Final Thoughts

Wrap Up

01m 4s