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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up Application Layout

The Course Overview

03m 27s

Knowing Your Tools

01m 59s

Laying the Foundation

03m 52s

Understanding the DataBases

04m 13s

Keeping It Simple: Mocking Out the Data

04m 1s

MongoDB Drivers: Mocking

08m 12s

Mocha Test: Mocking

03m 31s

Chapter: MongoDB Schema Design

Introduction to Mongoose

06m 56s

Schema Design Principle: Store What You Query For

09m 1s

Schema Design Principle: Principle of Least Cardinality

02m 45s

Understanding the Mochas

05m 23s

Thinking Functionally

06m 4s

Chapter: APIs

Rest APIs with Express-JS

06m 3s

Building the API

06m 55s

Running the APIs

03m 53s

Chapter: TBuilding the AngularJS Client

Best Practices

03m 35s

Understanding Webpack

08m 25s

Building AngularJS Application

05m 17s


09m 38s


04m 17s

Client-Side Routing

03m 19s

Designing Views and Tests

05m 12s

Chapter: Persisting Data with MongoDB and Reacting in Real-Time with Socket.IO

Setting Up Socket.IO

04m 53s