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Table of Contents

Chapter: Configuring Puppet Client/Server Architecture

The Course Overview

03m 11s

Installing Puppet Server

10m 37s

Puppet Configuration Files

09m 20s

Understanding Certificates

05m 4s

Working with Certificates

13m 42s

Configuring Auto Signing

14m 9s

Chapter: Understanding How a Puppet Run Works

Understanding Facter

11m 4s

Going over a Puppet Run

13m 5s

The Main Manifest(s)

11m 41s

Node Definitions

19m 1s

Chapter: Integrating GIT with Puppet

Understanding Version Control

03m 1s

Basic GIT Usage

10m 25s

Creating a Central Repository

13m 35s

Deploying Puppet Code with r10k

21m 10s

Chapter: Puppet Troubleshooting and Advanced Topics

The roles and profiles Pattern

17m 42s

Separating Data and Code with hiera

17m 22s

Troubleshooting the Puppet Agent

10m 43s

Troubleshooting the Puppet Master

14m 28s