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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Thousand Faces of Multithreading

The Course Overview

03m 3s

Synchronizing Shared Resources with TMonitor

06m 43s

Talking with the Main Thread Using a Thread-Safe Queue and TEvent

04m 58s

Synchronizing Multiple Threads Using TEvent

04m 12s

Displaying a Measure on a 2D Graph

04m 22s

Using Tasks to Make Your Customer Happier

08m 6s

Monitoring Things Using Futures

06m 46s

Parallelize Using the Parallel "for"

08m 3s

Chapter: Putting Delphi on the Server

Developing Web Client JavaScript Applications with WebBroker

14m 32s

Converting a Console Application to a Windows Service

05m 58s

Serializing a Dataset to JSON and Back

06m 46s

Serializing Objects to JSON and Back Using RTTI

04m 32s

Sending a POST HTTP Request Encoding Parameters

07m 11s

Chapter: WebBroker and Apache Modules

Implementing a RESTful Interface using WebBroker

15m 31s

Controlling Remote Application Using UDP

10m 0s

Using App Tethering to Create a Companion App

08m 53s

Creating DataSnap Apache modules

09m 51s

Creating WebBroker Apache Modules

10m 49s

Using Native HTTP(S) Client Libraries

06m 57s

Chapter: Riding the Mobile Revolution with FireMonkey

Taking a Photo, Applying Effects, and Sharing It

12m 14s

Using TListView to Show and Search Local Data

09m 10s

Using SQLite Databases to Handle a To-do List

09m 31s

Do Not Block the Main Thread!

08m 20s

Using a Styled TListView to Handle Long Lists of Data

08m 3s

Customizing the TListView

09m 2s

Sending Photo and Location to a Server Continuously

09m 27s

Talking with the Backend

08m 17s

Making a Phone Call from Your App!

03m 12s

Tracking the Application's Lifecycle

09m 1s

Chapter: Using Specific Platform Features

Using Android SDK Java Classes

09m 51s

Displaying PDF Files in Your App

06m 33s

Sending Android Intents

09m 48s

Using the Android TextToSpeech Engine

05m 19s

Using the Java Classes in Android Apps with Java2OP

06m 40s