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Table of Contents

Chapter: Adding Native Functionality

The Course Overview

02m 54s

Exposing Custom iOS Modules

05m 1s

Rendering Custom iOS View Components

03m 4s

Exposing Custom Android Modules

04m 58s

Rendering Custom Android View Components

03m 11s

Handling Android Back Button

03m 19s

Reacting to Changes in Application

02m 3s

Copy and Pasting Content

03m 17s


04m 19s

Hiding Application Content When Multitasking

02m 58s

Background Processing on iOS

02m 36s

Background Processing on Android

02m 30s

Playing Audio Files on iOS

03m 0s

Playing Audio Files on Android

03m 34s

Chapter: Architecting for Multiple Platforms

Building for Universal Windows Platform

03m 8s

Building for macOS Desktop

01m 58s

Building for Apple tvOS

02m 11s

Creating Platform Specific UI Components

01m 44s

Extending UI Components for Platform Specific Experiences

02m 7s

Best Practices for Sharing Code Between Platforms

02m 21s

Chapter: Integration with Applications

Embedding a React Native Application Inside iOS Applications

05m 6s

Communicating from an iOS Application to React Native

02m 33s

Communicating from React Native to an iOS Application Container

02m 31s

Invoking Handling by an External iOS Application

02m 12s

Embedding a React Native Application Inside an Android Application

03m 10s

Communicating from an Android Application to React Native

02m 9s

Communicating from React Native to an Android Application Container

02m 13s

Invoking Handling by External Android Application

01m 35s

Invoking an External iOS and Android Application

02m 8s

Chapter: Deploying Our App

Deploying Development Builds to an Android Device

01m 38s

Deploying Testing Builds to HockeyApp

02m 44s

Deploying Over-the-Air Updates

02m 58s

Chapter: Automated Testing

Installing the Environment

04m 24s

Running the Inspector to Access Elements

02m 33s

Integrating Appium with Mocha

02m 58s

Selecting and Typing into Input Texts

03m 23s

Pressing a Button and Testing the Result

03m 25s

Chapter: Optimizing App Performance

Optimizing React Native Application Size

02m 56s

Optimizing the Performance of Native iOS Module and UI Components

03m 48s

Optimizing the Performance of Native Android Modules and UI Components

03m 1s