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Table of Contents

Chapter: Combining Patterns

The Course Overview

01m 57s

The Prototype Pattern

03m 26s

The Decorator Design Pattern

04m 12s

A Sandwich Builder Pattern

04m 52s

Selecting Patterns and Adding Decorators

03m 52s

Chapter: Composing Patterns

The Composite Pattern

03m 22s

A Layout Composer

07m 9s

Storage Options

04m 1s

Storing User Preferences

04m 14s

Chapter: Observing Patterns

The Observer Pattern

04m 56s


06m 9s


02m 48s

Chapter: Behavioral Patterns

The Template Pattern

03m 53s

The Visitor Pattern

02m 57s

The State Pattern

02m 35s

Chapter: Wearable Patterns

Android TV

05m 13s

Android Wear

05m 58s

Android Auto

03m 44s

Chapter: Social Patterns

Adding Web Pages

04m 48s

Connecting with Facebook

04m 43s

Content Builders

04m 16s