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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting to Know Kali Linux

The Course Overview

04m 19s

Introducing Kali Linux

04m 50s

Getting Familiar with Hardware Requirements and Recommendations

03m 41s

Installing Kali Linux in VirtualBox

13m 39s

Installing Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi

12m 43s

Introducing Kali Linux Interface and Tools

07m 36s

Updating Kali Linux

05m 44s

Networking Fundamentals

12m 34s

Creating a Pen-Testing Lab Environment

08m 41s

Chapter: Learning the Phases of Pen Testing

What Is Penetration Testing?

04m 57s


08m 8s

Getting Familiar with Vulnerability Scanning

03m 8s

Gaining and Maintaining Access

03m 50s

Covering Tracks

01m 55s

Chapter: Using Tools for Reconnaissance

Gathering Initial Information

05m 48s

Identifying Live Hosts

11m 12s

Discovering Open Ports

10m 13s

Uncovering Services and Fingerprinting the OS

07m 36s

Chapter: Scanning Vulnerable Systems or Services

Vulnerability Scanning with OpenVAS

10m 40s

Vulnerability Scanning with Nessus

11m 21s

Chapter: Gaining Access

Exploiting the Target System

14m 53s

Cracking the System Passwords

06m 59s

Post Exploitation

03m 42s

Defensive CounterMeasures

04m 52s