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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to MongoDB

The Course Overview

02m 49s

How Is MongoDB Different from Relational(SQL) Databases?

10m 11s

Overview of the MongoDB Document Model "BSON"

12m 49s

Overview of MongoDB Replication

09m 51s

Overview of MongoDB Sharding

09m 45s

Chapter: Getting Comfortable with the Shell

Launching the Shell

06m 56s

Performing Queries in the Shell

10m 38s

Modifying Data

10m 25s

Using Indexes

06m 45s

Chapter: Using MongoDB from Python with PyMongo

Getting and Managing Connections

10m 24s

Using PyMongo for CRUD, Indexing, and Introspection

09m 39s

Managing Cursors

07m 34s

Bulk Operations

08m 47s

Chapter: Data Modeling with MongoDB

Basic Indexing

22m 55s

Relational Normal Form Versus Documents

07m 23s

Linking Versus Embedding

10m 53s

Designing for Sharding

12m 11s

Advanced Indexing

13m 51s