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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up Odoo 10

The Course Overview

04m 10s

Getting Started with Odoo Online

04m 56s

Getting to Know the Odoo Architecture

03m 19s

Choosing Your Installation Operating System

04m 8s

Installing Odoo on Windows OS and Ubuntu

05m 11s

Troubleshooting and Odoo Management Tips

01m 32s

Starting and Stopping Odoo Services in Ubuntu

03m 49s

Chapter: Installing Your First Application

Gathering Requirements and Creating a New Database in Odoo

04m 54s

Knowing the Basic Odoo Interface

02m 55s

Creating Your First Customer

06m 7s

Entering a Product in Odoo

02m 34s

Entering a Product Invoicing Page

02m 5s

Setting the Company Information and Entering Your First Sales Order

02m 49s

Entering Line Items on a Quotation Sales Order

04m 1s

Invoicing the Sale

02m 42s

Chapter: Exploring Customer Relationship Management in Odoo 10

Using CRM as a Business Strategy

03m 53s

Installing the CRM Application

02m 50s

Sales Application Settings

04m 22s

Understanding Your Pipeline

03m 10s

Looking at Opportunities in Your Pipeline

03m 32s

An Introduction to Sales Stages

07m 19s

Leads and Opportunities

03m 0s

Using Odoo to Schedule Calls, Meetings, and Events

02m 42s

Specifying Meeting Details

03m 0s

Chapter: Purchasing with Odoo

Understanding the Overall Purchasing Process

04m 25s

Installing the Purchasing Application

06m 21s

Setting the Cost Price of the Product

03m 15s

Creating Your First Purchase Quotation

03m 7s

Receiving Products and Paying Vendor Bills

04m 58s

Chapter: Making Goods with Manufacturing Resource Planning

Creating Manufacturing Orders

03m 29s

Installing Manufacturing Resource Planning

03m 28s

Building Your Bill of Materials

04m 13s

Producing the Product

03m 9s

Creating a Work Center

03m 27s

Creating Routing Orders

05m 17s