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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To Securing Web Applications With ZAP

00m 49s

About Scott C. MacCallum

00m 46s

Chapter: Installation

Overview Of ZAP installation

00m 47s

Installing ZAP On Windows

00m 59s

Installing ZAP On Ubuntu

01m 14s

Installing ZAP On MacOS

01m 3s

Installing ZAP On Docker

01m 12s

Chapter: Passive Scanning

Overview Of Passive Scanning

01m 56s

Performing A Quick Spider Scan

00m 45s

Performing An AJAX Spider Scan

00m 38s

Performing A Spider And Manual Scan Together

01m 20s

Chapter: Active Scanning

Overview Of Active Scanning

00m 59s

Performing A Simulated Attack

00m 31s

Chapter: Making Use Of Add-Ons

Overview Of Add-Ons

00m 51s

Performing A Forced Browse Attack

01m 13s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

00m 21s