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Table of Contents

Chapter: E-mail Hygiene

The Course Overview

02m 0s

Reconciling Hard Bounced E-mail Addresses

07m 41s

Tracking E-mail Engagement Levels

07m 48s

Creating a True E-mail Preferences Center

05m 42s

Chapter: Operational Notions

Filtering out New Hire Applicants

16m 1s

Using Lead Sources to Track ROI

05m 56s

Checking for Duplicate Contact Records

02m 38s

Cleaning Up Duplicate Contact Records

03m 48s

Chapter: Campaign Management

Managing Campaign Model Variations with Versioning

05m 50s

Adding Groups of Contacts to a Campaign Sequence

02m 16s

Chapter: Dashboard Fundamentals

Creating a Saved Search or Report

09m 21s

Adding Custom Statistics to Your Dashboard

04m 40s

Configuring Your Dashboard

04m 54s

Setting a User’s Default Start Page

01m 55s

Automating Saved Search or Report Delivery

02m 1s

Chapter: Campaign Builder Reporting

Reporting on Who Is in a Campaign

03m 20s

Reporting on Who is in (or was in) a Specific Campaign Sequence

02m 26s

Reporting on Who Is Queued to Receive a Specific Campaign Step

02m 7s

Reporting on Who Received a Specific Campaign Step

01m 20s

Reporting on Who Completed a Specific Campaign Goal

01m 41s

Chapter: Link Hacks

Creating a Custom Confirmation Link inside Campaign Builder

08m 24s

Creating a Custom Unsubscribe Link inside Campaign Builder

02m 59s

Triggering Automation from an E-mail Open

05m 56s

Chapter: Grab Bag

Sending Form Submissions to Different Thank You Pages Based on Custom Fields

09m 8s

Adding a Calendar Dropdown to Date Type Fields on Forms

01m 21s

Using Images as Form Submit Buttons

03m 17s

Chapter: More Link Hacks

Making any Text a Social Sharing Link

05m 11s

Making any Link an Unsubscribe Link

03m 0s

Hiding Order Forms until a Link is Clicked

04m 10s