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Table of Contents

Chapter: Directory Services

The Course Overview

03m 32s

Configuring Samba as an Active Directory Compatible Directory Service

06m 8s

Joining a Linux Box to the Domain

03m 44s

Chapter: Setting Up File Storage

Serving Files with SMB/CIFS through Samba

02m 28s

Granting Authenticated Access

01m 47s

Setting Up an NFS Server

05m 35s

Configuring WebDAV through Apache

08m 52s

Chapter: Setting Up E-mail

Configuring Postfix to Send and Receive E-mail

04m 38s

Setting Up DNS Records for E-mail Delivery

03m 0s

Configuring IMAP

02m 39s

Configuring Authentication for Outbound E-mail

03m 26s

Configuring Postfix to Support TLS

01m 33s

Blocking Spam with Greylisting

04m 6s

Filtering Spam with SpamAssassin

03m 22s

Chapter: Configuring XMPP

Installing ejabberd

09m 48s

Configuring DNS for XMPP

02m 24s

Configuring the Pidgin Client

05m 11s

Chapter: Monitoring Your Network

Installing Nagios

01m 50s

Adding Nagios Users

03m 10s

Adding Nagios Hosts

02m 20s

Monitoring Services

02m 24s

Defining Commands

01m 44s

Monitoring Via NRPE

03m 24s

Monitoring Via SNMP

02m 39s

Chapter: Mapping Your Network

Detecting Systems on Your Network with NMAP

03m 19s

Detecting Systems Using Arp-Scan

02m 6s

Scanning TCP Ports

02m 32s

Scanning UDP Ports

03m 2s

Identifying Services

01m 10s

Identifying Operating Systems

02m 7s

Chapter: Watching Your Network

Setting Up Centralized Logging

05m 6s

Installing a Snort IDS

04m 52s

Managing Your Snort Rules

03m 41s

Managing Snort Logging

06m 6s