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Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

02m 27s

About The Author

01m 33s

Introduction - The 3 Major Areas You Should Learn About

03m 2s

Chapter: Fundamentals Of Coding In Python, SQL, And R

The 3 Major Data Languages - SQL, Python, And R

03m 37s

Demonstration Of SQL For Data Analysis

02m 55s

Demonstration Of Python For Data Analysis

04m 2s

Demonstration Of R For Data Analysis

03m 3s

Summary Of The Major Data Languages

03m 49s

Chapter: Fundamentals Of Statistics For Data Scientists And Data Analysts

The Difference Between A Data Analyst And A Data Scientist

03m 1s

How To Apply Statistics As A Data Analyst

03m 1s

How To Apply Statistics As A Data Scientist

03m 55s

Where The Line Blurs

01m 22s

Chapter: Fundamentals Of Business Thinking For Data Science And Data Analytics

How Will Your Data Project Be Useful

03m 50s

Communicate Your Data

03m 10s

Chapter: Next Steps Toward A Career In Data Science Or Data Analytics

How Can You Learn About Data Science And Analytics

03m 11s

How To Get Hands-On Experience/Pet Projects

03m 6s

Chapter: Conclusion

Thank You And Goodbye

01m 6s