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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

04m 45s

Installing and Setting Up the Working Environment

11m 21s

Chapter: Puppet Ecosystem, Components, and Terminologies

Configuration Management and How Puppet Fits into the Scenario

04m 57s

Puppet Components and Terminologies

04m 58s

Understanding the Puppet Run Cycle

03m 48s

Installing the Puppet Components

06m 6s

Puppet in Action

08m 29s

Overview of the Puppet Language

12m 47s

Chapter: Managing Puppet Infrastructure, Modules, and Environments

Puppet Server in Production and Managing Certificates

09m 42s

Introduction to Community Modules and Puppet Forge

07m 15s

Managing Module Dependencies and librarian-puppet

05m 21s

Managing Environments with r10k

14m 8s

Understanding roles and Profiles

10m 4s

Writing and Managing a Module

12m 36s

Understanding and Using Hiera

13m 37s

Chapter: Testing and Code Workflow Management in Puppet

Overview of Module Testing

03m 58s

Testing Puppet Syntax with puppet-lint

08m 40s

Writing Unit Tests with rspec-puppet

16m 0s

Writing Tests with Beaker Using Serverspec

09m 38s

Writing Tests with test-kitchen Using Serverspec

09m 48s

Publishing Modules to Puppet Forge with puppet-blacksmith

06m 15s

Configuring and Using Jenkins to Run the Test Suites

07m 13s

Using Jenkins to Create a Code Management Workflow

13m 35s