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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Functional Programming

The Course Overview

04m 50s

Imperative and Declarative Programming by Example

10m 44s

Principles of Writing Code in Functional Style

07m 31s

Benefits and Drawbacks of Functional Programming

06m 34s

Chapter: Functional Programming in ES6

Getting Started with ES6

11m 6s

Deep and Shallow Cloning in JavaScript

05m 46s

Context Binding by Example

07m 49s

Chaining and Function Composition

12m 58s

Chapter: Higher Order Functions in JavaScript

What are Higher Order Functions?

05m 2s

Handling JavaScript Arrays with Higher Order Functions

08m 18s

Introducing Map, Reduce, and Filter

08m 50s

Joins with Map-Reduce

07m 26s

Filtering Examples

06m 16s

Converting an Array of Nodes to a Tree

06m 8s

Chapter: Currying and Partial Evaluation


05m 5s

Deep Dive into Currying

10m 44s

Partial Application

11m 15s

Rendering Templates Using Partial Application

04m 15s

Chapter: Recursion, Tail Recursion, and Accumulator Variables

Recursive and Iterative Solutions in JavaScript

06m 49s

Optimization Techniques with Recursion

11m 14s

Chapter: Summary and Outlook

Your Functional Programming Utility Belt

06m 33s

Your Learning Path

02m 31s