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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installing SQL Server 2016

The Course overview

02m 4s

Requirements and Recommendations

04m 9s

Installing SQL Server from the GUI

09m 20s

Installing SQL Server from the Command Line

04m 5s

Upgrading SQL Server

09m 3s

Chapter: Login and User Security

Security Architecture

04m 12s

Server Logins

05m 55s

Built-in Server Roles

03m 30s

User-Defined Server Roles

04m 55s

Database Users

09m 52s

Built-in Database Roles

04m 26s

User-Defined Database Roles

09m 53s

Object Level Permissions

05m 21s

Chapter: Databases

System Databases

05m 39s

User Databases

06m 22s


09m 4s

Database Options

05m 44s

Database Space

10m 12s

Chapter: Administering Database Objects


08m 16s


06m 43s

Stored Procedures

08m 22s

User-Defined Functions

15m 56s


07m 17s

Durable Memory-Optimized Tables

15m 18s

Non-Durable Memory-Optimized Tables

09m 16s

Chapter: Improving Query Performance

Row Store Indexes

07m 22s

Clustered Indexes

06m 27s

Non-clustered Indexes

13m 0s

Columnstore Indexes

07m 44s

Nonclustered Columnstore Indexes

04m 40s

Indexed Views

05m 38s