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Table of Contents

Chapter: Creating a Character Controller

The Course Overview

03m 53s

Anatomy of a Player Controller

07m 39s

Working with Joints

05m 17s


04m 4s

Chapter: Controlling Navigation

Unity's Navigation System

02m 32s

Working with Navigation Meshes

03m 25s


02m 38s

Chapter: Using Animations

Implementing Animations

07m 19s

Creating Animation Clips

04m 3s

Chapter: Building Game Objects

Creating Objects Natively

07m 36s

Polishing Game Objects

07m 26s

Chapter: Importing and Using Assets

Importing Game Objects

02m 57s

Using Assets in Your Game

04m 48s

Chapter: Scripting Your Game

Scripting Basics

03m 35s

Adding Scripts to Your Game

05m 50s

Chapter: Testing the Game

Testing Overview

02m 55s

Debugging Your Game

03m 10s