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Table of Contents

Chapter: Starting with OpenTK and Creating Our Windows

The Course Overview

02m 42s

Setting Up Xamarin and Visual Studio for iOS and Android

11m 38s

Introduction to OpenTK and OpenGL

05m 33s

Creating an OpenGL View for Android

07m 29s

Creating an OpenGL View for iOS

05m 49s

Handling Different Device Resolutions

05m 28s

Chapter: Preparing to Draw Objects

Introduction to Shaders

03m 14s

Creating a Camera

05m 23s

Creating Our First Shader

09m 32s

Creating a Base Drawable Object

15m 29s

Getting Textures across Multiple Platforms

06m 22s

Chapter: Drawing Our First Objects

Creating a Sprite

09m 34s

Creating an Animated Sprite

10m 3s

Creating a Text Displayer

07m 12s

Implementing Scenes

03m 16s

Chapter: Final Engine Essentials

Creating a Base for Input

05m 13s

Handling iOS and Android Input

03m 2s

Getting Audio across Multiple Platforms

05m 13s

Playing Audio Files

03m 38s

Implementing a State System

03m 13s