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Table of Contents

Chapter: Tipping the Scales

The Course Overview

01m 46s

Using Continuous Scales

05m 2s

Using the Time Scale

02m 45s

Using the Ordinal Scale

03m 12s

Interpolating a String

02m 20s

Interpolating Colors

02m 44s

Interpolating Compound Objects

03m 7s

Chapter: Playing with Axes

Working with Basic Axes

04m 22s

Customizing Ticks

01m 48s

Drawing Grid Lines

03m 24s

Dynamic Rescaling of Axes

02m 45s

Chapter: Transition with Style

Animating a Single Element

03m 17s

Animating Multiple Elements

04m 15s

Using Ease

03m 30s

Using Tweening

02m 34s

Using Transition Chaining

01m 54s

Using Transition Filter

02m 20s

Listening to Transitional Events

02m 10s

Working with Timer

03m 28s