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Table of Contents

Chapter: Material and Lights

The Course Overview

07m 6s

Exploring the Content

03m 7s

Materials and Textures

07m 1s

Shader Callibration

04m 32s

Creating Material and Textures

07m 13s

World of Transparency and Semitransparency

03m 58s

Gamma Correction

03m 10s

Chapter: Modular Building

Importing Modular Meshes

07m 47s

First Person Control

05m 43s

Scene Set Up

04m 23s

Creating First Scene

04m 34s

Working with Prefabs

05m 17s

Fundamentals of Level Construction

05m 17s

Multi-Scene Editing

09m 7s

Chapter: Terrains

Creating the Terrain Object

05m 53s

Terrain Brushes

05m 8s


04m 8s

Terrain Shader

03m 52s

Adding Textures

05m 42s

Terrain Painting

06m 19s

Image Effects

06m 35s

Chapter: Lighting and Lightmapping

Lighting a Scene

06m 9s

Reset Lighting

04m 20s

Global Illumination

04m 43s

Exploring Ambient Light

04m 7s

Area Lights

03m 18s

Real-Time Lighting

06m 36s

Chapter: Creating a Terrain

Building a Terrain

07m 15s

Texture Painting a Terrain

04m 7s

Adding Grass

05m 53s

Adding Effects

05m 5s

Chapter: Creating the Day and Night Cycle

Configuring a Scene

06m 17s

Rotating the Sun Object

05m 26s

Coding a Rotation Script

08m 43s

Chapter: Animation

Exploring the Sci-Fi Corridor Scene

03m 5s

Animation Planning

06m 1s

Explore the Animation Window

06m 22s

Using Animator

06m 48s

Animator Parameters

07m 56s

Fly-Through Animation

02m 37s

Chapter: Character Animation

Importing the Animator Character

03m 10s

Working with Characters

05m 20s

Importing Character Animator from Unity Asset Pack

03m 45s

Configuring the Animator

06m 12s

Blend Trees

05m 4s

Completing the Animation

07m 46s