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Table of Contents

Chapter: Servers and Virtual Cables: VPC and EC2

The Course Overview

04m 54s

Diving into VPC

07m 53s

The More the Merrier? Multiple VPCs

05m 5s

Running a Server - It's Cattle, Not Pets

09m 33s


04m 39s

Saving Money with EC2 Pricing Options

07m 6s

ELB - Why You Don't Need Elastic IPs

05m 58s

Merging Your Infrastructure and Code - Application Load Balancer

07m 34s

Lightsail - Should You or Should You Not?

02m 43s

Chapter: Where Do I put this Storage?

Should I Use EBS or Ephemeral Storage?

05m 56s

Forget About Drives with Elastic File System

04m 50s

Logging! Events! Replication! Lifecycle! Advanced S3

11m 47s

Freezing Your Backups - Glacier

06m 9s

Migrating a Ton of Data with Storage Gateway and Snowball

04m 26s

Chapter: The Actual Data - Caches and Databases

When You Just Want a Database - RDS

08m 26s

Real-World Problems with RDS

04m 0s

When You Just Want a Cache - ElastiCache

06m 23s

Should I Just Run It on EC2?

06m 5s

Deep Dive into DynamoDB

13m 18s

Chapter: Containers in AWS

Exploring EC2 Container Service

08m 19s

How to Cluster Containers?

06m 42s

How to Deploy Containers?

10m 18s

Why Use ECS (Or Why Not Use ECS)

04m 44s