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Table of Contents

Chapter: History of JavaScript

The Course Overview

05m 17s

Introduction to JavaScript

04m 21s

Birth of ECMAScript

05m 57s

History of ECMAScript

08m 44s

ECMAScript Compatibility

05m 10s

Core Features of ECMAScript 2015

02m 21s

Chapter: Handling Data

Variables and Scopes

13m 3s


12m 9s

Handling Parameters

11m 33s

Template Literals

14m 0s

Number and Math Features

14m 5s

String Features

10m 36s


13m 48s

Chapter: Working with Collections

New For-of Loop

09m 32s

Array Features

16m 38s

Maps and Sets

14m 46s

Typed Arrays

18m 42s

Iterables and Iterators

12m 15s


16m 20s

Chapter: Writing Modular Code

Arrow Functions

11m 19s

New OOP Features

11m 47s


10m 10s


10m 24s

Chapter: Standard Library Improvements

New Features in RegEx

11m 44s

Async Programming

06m 34s

Promises for Async Code

09m 7s