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Table of Contents

Chapter: Python Core

The Course Overview

08m 48s

Python Core Concepts and Data Types

11m 18s

Understanding Iterables

05m 54s

List Comprehensions

06m 5s

Dates and Times

05m 42s

Accessing Raw Data

07m 3s

Chapter: NumPy for Array Computation

Creating NumPy Arrays

08m 20s

Basic Stats and Linear Algebra

07m 18s

Reshaping, Indexing, and Slicing

06m 38s

Chapter: Pandas for Data Frames

Getting Started with Pandas

09m 24s

Essential Operations with Data Frames

11m 45s

Summary Statistics from a Data Frame

09m 49s

Data Aggregation over a Data Frame

10m 42s

Chapter: Exercise – Titanic Survivor Analysis

Exercise – Titanic Survivor Analysis

13m 58s

Predicting Titanic survival – A Supervised Learning Problem

10m 16s

Performing Supervised Learning with Scikit-Learn

13m 38s