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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction and High-Level Architecture

The Course Overview

05m 5s

Introduction to Business Intelligence

03m 19s

Cognos and Its High-Level Architecture

06m 50s

Chapter: Setup and Sample Database

Setting Up an Account for Cognos on the Cloud

04m 22s

Sample Databases and Files

04m 42s

Chapter: Welcome to Welcome Portal

Welcome Portal

07m 15s

Where’s Report Studio Gone?

04m 34s

Your First Dashboard

07m 17s

Chapter: It’s All about Data

On the Back Stage – Connecting to Databases

04m 23s

Creating Your Own Data Modules

08m 16s

Adding Your Own Data to Dashboards

10m 43s

Chapter: Taking Data Modules to Next Level

Improving Module – Examining the Data Model

10m 14s

Refining Module – Filtering and Cleaning

05m 34s

Extending Module – Creating Custom Calculations

05m 27s

Generating Stitched Facts – How and Why?

09m 36s

Chapter: Dashboard Authoring in Detail

How to Change Visualization Properties?

07m 45s

Singletons, Static Texts, and Display Order

08m 11s

Changing Widget Connections

09m 40s

Navigation Group for Drill Down

09m 42s

Chapter: Creating a Story and Giving Finishing Touch

Creating a Story Using Pins

16m 10s

Changing the Theme and Background

05m 40s

Adding Multimedia and Info-Graphics

09m 29s

Sharing Story and Dashboard Using Custom URL

08m 50s