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Table of Contents

Chapter: Implementing a Vehicle Unit (NPC)

The Course Overview

01m 23s

Importing a Sedan Skeletal Mesh

05m 35s

Creating a New Pawn Class for a Vehicle Unit

14m 26s

Implementing Movement and Selection for New Vehicle Unit Pawn Class

17m 20s

Chapter: Implement Attacking with the Vehicle Unit (NPC)

Creating and Implementing an Actor Blueprint of a Grenade Weapon Projectile

20m 26s

Creating and Implementing a User Interface for Selecting to Launch a Grenade from a Vehicle NPC

17m 20s

Implementing Launching a Grenade Projectile Blueprint from a Vehicle NPC

12m 43s

Chapter: Creating Destructible Environments

Creating a Destructible Mesh

07m 5s

Creating a Blueprint for Destructible Environment

06m 17s

Implementing Having the Destructible Environment Affect the NavMesh During Gameplay

08m 30s

Chapter: Creating an RTS-Style User Interface (UI) with Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG)

Laying Out an RTS-Style UI Using UMG

09m 38s

Scripting a UMG UI to Control Selecting and Deselecting NPC Units

18m 14s

Adding Visual Flourish to UMG UI Using UMG Animations

10m 43s