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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installing openFrameworks

The Course Overview

04m 14s

Installing for OSX

06m 59s

Installing on iOS

04m 39s

Installing on Windows

06m 50s

Installing on Linux

07m 0s

Chapter: Creating an openFrameworks Project

Starting a New Project

06m 7s

Discovering a Project Structure

07m 41s

Implementing a Simple Application

05m 12s


05m 25s

Chapter: Using Addons

Introduction to Addons

04m 22s

Installing a Contributed Addon

03m 35s

Three Most Popular Contributed Addons

05m 54s

Chapter: Vector Graphics

Geometric Primitives, Curves, and Texts

06m 59s

Coordinate System Transformations

05m 22s


06m 46s

3D Graphics

04m 47s

Chapter: Images and Video

Working with Images

05m 29s

Working with Video

05m 23s

Using Frame Buffer Object for Offscreen Drawing

03m 21s

Using Fragment Shaders

09m 3s

Chapter: Sound

Playing Sound Files

05m 41s

Capturing Sound

05m 1s

Synthesizing Sound

05m 19s

Chapter: Networking

Using OSC to Send and Receive the Parameters

07m 48s

Using to Send and Receive the Arrays

05m 50s

Creating WebInterface

05m 34s

Chapter: Peripherals

Connecting a Gamepad

05m 1s

Connecting the MIDI Controller and Keyboard

04m 41s

Connecting Arduino

05m 11s

Chapter: Depth Cameras

Microsoft Kinect V1

08m 38s

Microsoft Kinect V2

06m 2s

Stereolabs ZED

03m 43s