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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Serverless

The Course Overview

04m 18s

Creating Cloud Service Accounts

02m 51s

Development Environment

04m 27s

Serverless Function with Azure

06m 10s

Serverless Function with AWS

07m 37s

Understanding Serverless

06m 44s

Chapter: Building a Serverless Application

Application Design

03m 36s

Building the Middle Tier

06m 50s

Testing and Deploying the Middle Tier

06m 43s

Building the Data Tier

09m 8s

Testing and Deploying the Data Tier

06m 1s

Building the Presentation Tier

10m 28s

Deploying the Presentation Tier

08m 44s

Chapter: Go Further with Serverless Application

Configuring Authentication

09m 51s

Second Development Iteration User Interface Tier

10m 32s

Adding Serverless Function

10m 25s

Logging and Debugging

09m 32s