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Table of Contents

Chapter: Creating a todo Application

The Course Overview

03m 36s

Introduction to the todo Application

01m 56s

Setting Up Our Development Environment

06m 37s

Let’s Start by Adding todos

21m 17s

Toggling and Removing a todo

12m 10s

Editing a todo

23m 36s

Chapter: GitHub Application

Introduction of the GitHub Application

03m 23s

Scaffolding Our Application

08m 3s

Setting Up Vue Router

14m 54s

Setting Up Axios

11m 21s

Setting Up Vue Material

12m 25s

Making the Text-Input Working

12m 47s

Creating the Repositories Table

20m 11s

Creating the User Table

20m 2s

Chapter: Real time Chat Application

Introduction to the Chat Application

06m 24s

Scaffolding Our Client and Server

09m 18s

Adding Packages to Our Client

14m 36s

Setting Up the Vuex Store

14m 24s

Setting Up Our Pages

07m 35s

Adding Functionality to the Join Page

05m 48s

Styling the Join Page

12m 55s

Finalizing the Join Page

19m 55s

Adding Functionality to the Room Page

09m 23s

Finalizing the Rooms Page

23m 42s

Final Tweaks

08m 10s