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Table of Contents

Chapter: Databases and DynamoDB

The Course Overview

02m 55s

Databases Essentials and Introduction to DynamoDB

14m 42s

Creating a DynamoDB and Its Associated Indexes

28m 2s

Scanning Versus Querying

14m 49s

Provisioning Throughput

10m 10s

Web Identity Authentication and DynamoDB

06m 31s

Quiz –DynamoDB

08m 44s

Chapter: Route53 and DNS

Introduction to DNS and Registering a Domain

13m 39s

Simple Routing Example

22m 48s

Weighted and Latency-Based Routing

13m 50s

Failover and Geo-Based Routing

23m 11s

Quiz –Route53

04m 12s

Chapter: Application Services

Introduction to the Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Exam Tips

16m 12s

Introduction to the Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Exam Tips

07m 57s

Hands on with SNS

12m 51s

Introduction to the Simple Workflow Service (SWF)

08m 10s

Quiz –Application Services

07m 27s

Chapter: Cloudformation and Elastic Beanstalk

Introduction to Cloudformation

06m 46s

Cloudformation Example

18m 20s

Introduction to Elastic Beanstalk

02m 42s

Elastic Beanstalk Example

11m 50s

Quiz – Cloudformation and Elastic Beanstalk

07m 44s