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Table of Contents

Chapter: Creating Resources in Moodle

The Course Overview

01m 54s

Exploring Resources within Moodle

02m 41s

Choosing a Resource

05m 32s

Designing a Resource

02m 59s

Uploading a Resource

03m 35s

Adding a Resource within a Block

03m 17s

Chapter: Creating External Resources and Embedding Them in Moodle

Exploring External Resources

02m 54s

Designing Blogs

05m 19s

Creating Videos

04m 1s

Embedding External Resources

03m 49s

Combining External Resources

04m 24s

Chapter: Repositories and e-Portfolios

Enabling a Repository

04m 47s

Working with the Repository

04m 43s

Enabling an e-Portfolio

03m 55s

Working with the e-Portfolio

02m 55s

Embedding the e-Portfolio in the Moodle Course

03m 46s

Chapter: Designing Activities in Moodle

Exploring Solitary or Intrapersonal Activities

03m 53s

Designing a Solitary or Intrapersonal Activity

03m 45s

Exploring Social or Interpersonal Activities

03m 12s

Choosing a Social or Interpersonal Activity and Uploading Content to It

05m 5s

Adding New Users and Enrolling Them in Both Activities

04m 55s

Chapter: Creating External Activities and Embedding them in Moodle

Using a Website to Create Activities

04m 4s

Uploading Activities in the Moodle Course

02m 23s

Using Free and Open Source Software to Create Activities

02m 42s

Uploading Activities in the Moodle Course

04m 17s

Using Already Made Activities and Embedding Them in the Moodle Course

02m 42s

Chapter: Designing a Lesson

Adding Content to a Lesson

05m 1s

Adding a Question to a Lesson

04m 33s

Adding More Questions to a Lesson

03m 38s

Previewing the Lesson

03m 34s

Ending the Lesson

03m 9s