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Table of Contents

Chapter: Intro to the Hadoop World

The Course Overview

03m 44s

Installing Hadoop in Local

22m 50s

Bring Process to Data

04m 43s

NameNode Versus DataNode

04m 15s

Map and Reduce Operations

07m 59s

Order of Execution and Parallel Thinking

04m 39s

Chapter: File System Overdrive with HDFS

Formatting a HDFS

06m 38s

Formatting a HDFS

04m 34s

Some Helpful Commands to Communicate with the HDFS

03m 35s

HDFS Protocol and Using It in Applications

11m 11s

Chapter: Let's Run Some Hadoop Jobs

Hadoop Jobs Versus Tasks

04m 47s

The Hadoop UI for Task Progress

04m 6s

Running a Couple of Example Jobs

10m 8s

Analyze the Work Flow/Data Flow/Process Flow

07m 26s

Chapter: It's Show Time

Introduction to the Movie Dataset

04m 4s

Data Transformation and Storing to HDFS

17m 55s

Devise a Simple Algorithm for Recommendation

04m 6s

Implement the Algorithm in Hadoop Map-Reduce Way and Analyze Performance

10m 39s