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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

02m 37s

Setting Up Ruby on Rails

13m 32s

Cloud Deployment

05m 19s

Chapter: Getting Started with Rails 5

Rails 5 and Ruby 2.3.1

05m 44s

Creating a New Rails 5 Project and Configuring an Alternative Database

06m 49s

Application Structure

05m 37s


05m 48s


07m 21s

Chapter: Authenticating Customers

Authentication with Rails

05m 35s

Installing and Configuring Devise

03m 3s

Integrating Devise

06m 18s

Customizing Devise

10m 25s

Chapter: Defining Relationships

Creating a Data Model

05m 17s

Building Relationships

06m 30s

Validations and Constraints

07m 3s

Fixtures and Tests

06m 6s

Chapter: Controllers, Views, and Resources

Routes and Resources

07m 20s

Layouts and Stylesheets

14m 10s

Controllers and Actions

13m 12s

Testing Controllers

10m 30s

Chapter: Sharing the Message


10m 17s

Creating an API Project with Rails

12m 25s

Authenticating API Clients

13m 28s

Refining the API

06m 7s

Consuming the API

27m 16s

Chapter: User Presence

What Is ActionCable?

03m 25s

Setting Up for ActionCable

05m 33s

Creating Notifications

07m 29s