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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

04m 14s

Brief Introduction to Digital Forensics

06m 35s

Downloading and Installing Kali Linux

06m 23s

Chapter: Acquiring Forensic Images

Introduction to Forensic Imaging

11m 6s

Overview of Dcfldd and Dc3dd

05m 0s

Drive Imaging with dc3dd

09m 1s

Android Device Imaging with dc3dd

12m 45s

Image Acquisition with Guymager

05m 13s

Chapter: Artifacts Extraction and Analysis with CLI Tools

Overview of the Sleuth Kit and Filesystem Analysis

13m 13s

Windows Registry Analysis with RegRipper

09m 24s

Extracting and Analyzing Browser, E-mail, and IM Artifacts

13m 39s

File Analysis Tools

14m 28s

Building a Super-Timeline of the Events

10m 49s

Chapter: File Carving and Data Recovery

File Carving Overview

07m 5s

File Carving Tools

08m 35s

Extracting Data with Bulk Extractor

05m 4s

Chapter: The Autopsy Forensic Suite

Autopsy 4 Overview and Installation

05m 11s

Analysis of a Windows Image with Autopsy

10m 45s

Analysis of an Android Image with Autopsy

04m 53s

Chapter: Memory Forensics

Introduction to Memory Forensics and Acquisition

04m 1s

Memory Acquisition

04m 5s

Introduction to Volatility

03m 10s

Memory Analysis with Volatility

04m 23s

Chapter: Network Forensics

Introduction to Network Forensics

05m 5s

Capturing Network Traffic with Wireshark

06m 31s

Network Traffic Analysis with Wireshark

04m 17s

Chapter: Reporting

Introduction to Reporting

03m 34s

Documentation and Reporting Tools

05m 12s