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Table of Contents

Chapter: A Solution Approach Using New architecture paradigm

The Course Overview

02m 52s

A Solution Approach Using New architecture paradigm

22m 40s

Chapter: Domain Driven Design

Sample REST Service

16m 15s

Design importance and Domain Driven Design (DDD)

08m 42s

The Building Blocks - I

09m 10s

Building blocks - II: Artifacts of DDD

05m 43s

Aggregates and Repository

07m 33s

Factory and Modules

05m 6s

Strategic Design and Principles - I

03m 51s

Strategic Design and Principles - II

09m 12s

Chapter: Sample Domain Service

Implementing Entity

08m 19s

Implementing Repository

04m 47s

Implementing Service

09m 6s

Chapter: Implementing Microservices

OTRS Overview

05m 21s

OTRS Services

01m 15s

Implementing Restaurant Service

06m 16s

Implementing the GET Endpoint

08m 15s

Implement Registration and Discovery Service

03m 52s


06m 21s