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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Gradle

The Course Overview

07m 1s

What Is Gradle?

06m 3s

GradleFeatures - from a Birds' Eye View

06m 49s

Comparison of GradlewithOther Build Tools

04m 18s

Installation and Setup

07m 29s

Chapter: First Steps with Gradle

Hello, World!

05m 31s

Declarative Builds

05m 44s

Flexible Execution

06m 8s


11m 41s

Chapter: Dependencies

Built in Dependency Management

11m 38s

Custom Configuration

03m 27s

Dependency Resolution

06m 50s

Build of Materials (BOM)

07m 26s

Chapter: Tasks

What Is Task in Gradle?

08m 29s

Organizing Tasks

08m 19s

Copying and Filtering

08m 5s

Incremental Builds

05m 54s

Rules to Control Tasks

06m 0s

Chapter: Tests and Coverage

Running Tests with Zero Effort

06m 14s

Adding Integration Tests

06m 37s

Coverage to Improve Confidence

11m 48s

Chapter: Code Quality Management

How Code Quality Can be Managed?

04m 56s

Ad-Hock Static Code Analysis

09m 20s

Sustain Code Quality with SonarQube

08m 35s

Chapter: Build Once, Deploy Anytime

What Is CI/CD?

06m 59s

Artefacts and Repositories

10m 27s

Artefacts Publishing

07m 39s

Chapter: Parameterize Execution

Enabling Parameterization Using the gradle.propertiesFile

06m 0s

Enabling Parameterization Using ExtraPropertiesExtension

04m 25s

Parallel Execution

06m 40s

Chapter: Plug and Build

Finding the Right Plugin

11m 51s

Overviewing plugin API

06m 25s

Creating Own Plugin

09m 2s

Chapter: Beyond Java

Gradle'sPolyglot Nature

08m 57s

Speeding up Build

24m 10s

Composite Builds

07m 55s