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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction and Initial Setup

The Course Overview

04m 48s

Overview of Test Frameworks and Setup

19m 38s

Chapter: Writing Sample Tests

Creating Sample Scenarios

05m 58s

Adding Configuration

05m 54s

Data-Drive Tests

03m 37s

Adapting Tests for Parallel Execution

03m 31s

Chapter: Wrapping Controls and Pages

General Idea Overview and Main Design

06m 53s

Wrapping Controls

06m 4s

Wrapping Pages

04m 59s

Adding Page Factory

06m 19s

Generating Screenshots

03m 14s

Chapter: Complex Cases for Pages and Elements

Platform-Specific Identifiers

12m 22s

Customizing Control Interaction

06m 26s

Dealing with Sub-Elements

10m 23s

Additional Verification Functionality

07m 46s

Chapter: Object Driven Framework

Major Concepts of the Object Driven Framework

07m 57s

Creating the Object Driven Engine

06m 40s

Transferring Data between Steps

04m 34s

Apply the Approach to Tests

07m 29s

Chapter: Keyword-Driven Framework

General Introduction to Approach and Cucumber-JVM

08m 33s

Giving Informative Names to Pages and Elements

09m 32s

Major Set of Keywords to Implement

09m 57s

Additional Keywords for Compound Elements

05m 45s

Chapter: More Tricky Functionalities

Transferring Data between Steps

07m 11s

Evaluating Expressions

06m 46s

Parallelizing SpecFlow

02m 57s

Final Overview and What's Next

06m 48s