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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Up and Go-ing

The Course Overview

05m 13s

A Brief Introduction to Programming

07m 50s

The Gist of Go

05m 47s

Installing Go

03m 3s

Configuring Go

05m 42s

Chapter: Building an Essential Foundation in Go

Basics - Variable Declaration, Built-in Types, Constants

13m 26s


06m 59s


06m 18s

Conditional and Loops

08m 13s

Command-line Program

07m 21s

Username Syntax Checker

04m 39s

Chapter: Collecting, Building, and Connecting


11m 0s


08m 18s


05m 32s

Types and Interfaces

13m 56s

Social Media Post

06m 37s

Chapter: Go's Built-in Concurrency

Concurrency Versus Parallelism

07m 55s


05m 8s


06m 32s

Range Over Channels

01m 41s

Mutexes and Wait Groups

09m 27s

Concurrent Pi Computation

07m 17s

Chapter: Powerful Tools in Your Go Arsenal

The Go Tool Chain

08m 55s

Documentation in Go

05m 18s

Testing in Go

04m 35s

Unit Testing the Username Syntax Checker

04m 34s

Chapter: Web Server Instance

An Introduction to HTTP

05m 29s

The net/http Package

02m 35s

A Go Web Server Instance

05m 15s