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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

01m 21s

Why Write User Stories?

03m 49s

Chapter: Writing User Stories

The User Story Format

01m 58s

Writing Acceptance Criteria for User Stories

04m 56s

The Difference Between Features and Bugs

02m 10s

How User Stories Promote Empathy

03m 57s

Chapter: Reviewing User Stories

Running a Story Grooming Meeting

01m 23s

How and Why to Point User Stories

02m 47s

Chapter: Scheduling User Stories

Prioritizing User Stories

01m 11s

Conducting a SWOT Analysis

03m 57s

Measuring the Business Impact of User Stories

02m 52s

The Sprint Planning Meeting

02m 10s

Chapter: Testing User Stories

Testing a User Story's Acceptance Criteria

01m 48s

Conducting UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

02m 43s

Chapter: Releasing User Stories and Gathering Feedback

Defining a Product Feature Release Cadence

02m 3s

Gathering Product Feedback: A/B Testing

03m 19s

Gathering Product Feedback: Metrics

03m 8s

Gathering Product Feedback: App Reviews and Metrics

01m 14s

Gathering Product Feedback: Other Qualitative Data

01m 52s

Chapter: Summary

User Stories & the Product Lifecycle

00m 58s