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Table of Contents

Chapter: VPCs

The Course Overview

02m 38s

Introduction to Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)

21m 24s

Building Your Own Custom VPC

33m 0s

Network Address Translation and Private VPC Subnets

19m 24s

Network Access Control Lists (ACLs)

16m 5s

Custom VPCs and Elastic Load Balancers

03m 15s

NATs Versus Bastion Hosts

03m 53s

VPC Flow Logs

04m 24s

VPC Peering

06m 1s

Cleaning Up a VPC

02m 54s


04m 12s

Chapter: AWS Shared Responsibility Model and Exam Tips

AWS Shared Responsibility Model

15m 17s

Introduction to the Exam

01m 50s

Mega Quiz

12m 43s