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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Introduction, Goals, Objectives, and Approach

03m 38s

What is Maven?

00m 50s

Why Start with the Command Line?

01m 11s

Chapter: Core Concepts

Core Concepts Overview and Convention over Configuration

03m 33s

Dependency Resolution and the Maven Artifact Repository

03m 3s

Life Cycles, Phases and Goals, and Plugins

02m 28s

Chapter: Installation

The Installation Approach

05m 26s

Maven Installation on Windows

05m 22s

Maven Installation on Mac OS X

08m 19s

Chapter: Setup and Getting Help

Getting Help with Maven

01m 53s

Downloading Project files from GitHub

04m 11s

Chapter: Getting Started - The Minimal Maven Project

Minimal Project Setup and First Run

06m 46s

Adding the Java Source to the Project

04m 14s

Goals, Phases, and Life Cycles in Action

02m 18s

Minimal Project Cleanup

02m 48s

Chapter: Maven Basics - A Simple Maven Project

Downloading Helper Script

02m 25s

Standard Directory Template

02m 41s

Adding the Java Source

02m 53s

Project Metadata and Improving the Project POM

04m 51s

Build Settings EChanging the Final Name

01m 9s

Local Maven Repository

05m 39s

Basic Maven Cleanup

01m 43s

Chapter: Beyond the Basics - Dependencies and Plugins

Project Words Setup

03m 14s

Maven Dependencies

05m 57s

Updating Git

01m 7s

Reviewing the Project Target Directory

01m 15s

Local Maven Repository

02m 40s

Dependency Graph (Dependency Plugin)

02m 44s

Updating the Project to Target Java 8 (Compiler Plugin)

03m 44s

Beyond the Basic Clean Up

01m 6s

Chapter: Unit Testing

Adding the Unit Test Source for the Java Project

03m 56s

Unit Test Dependency, Test Scope, and Running Tests

05m 4s

Failing Unit Tests

02m 6s

Skipping Unit Tests via Command Line

02m 39s

Skipping Unit Tests via Configuration (POM)

03m 1s

Reporting Unit Test Results

05m 0s

Unit Testing Section Cleanup

01m 1s

Chapter: Installing Eclipse and Configuration on Windows

Install Eclipse on Windows

03m 14s

Maven Configuration in Eclipse (on Windows)

01m 34s

Chapter: Installing Eclipse and Configuration on Mac OS X

Tweak System Security (Install Anywhere)

01m 21s

Install Eclipse on Mac OS X

04m 9s

Maven Configuration for Eclipse (Mac OS X)

01m 51s

Chapter: Using Maven with Eclipse

Create a New Maven Project in Eclipse

02m 57s

Adding a Java Source and Building within Eclipse

01m 56s

Importing an Existing Maven Project

02m 52s

Project Object Model within Eclipse

02m 7s

Chapter: Bonus: Miscellaneous Maven Tricks

Jump-Start Your Project Using Maven Archetypes

05m 22s