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Table of Contents

Chapter: Configuring Accounting Finance

The Course Overview

02m 55s

Installing the Accounting and Finance Application

05m 32s

The Sales and Accounts Receivable Process

05m 33s

Setting Up Your Own Accounts

06m 36s

Chapter: Administering an Odoo Installation

Basic Considerations for an Odoo Administration

06m 1s

Administering Users in Odoo

02m 43s

Understanding Groups in Odoo

06m 54s

Internationalization in Odoo

03m 30s

International Currencies

06m 40s

Multiple Companies in Odoo

02m 37s

Chapter: Implementing the Human Resources Application

Installing the Employee Directory

05m 50s


02m 23s

Leave Management

03m 4s

Recruitment Process

03m 15s

Chapter: Understanding Project Management

Basics of Project Management

03m 14s

Creating Our First Project

03m 53s

Defining Project Tasks

06m 41s

Chapter: Creating Advanced Searches and Dashboards

Determining the Search Requirements for Your Business

02m 35s

Searching in Odoo

05m 3s

Performing a Custom Search

03m 42s

Creating Custom Dashboards in Odoo 10

03m 34s