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Table of Contents

Chapter: AWS Certified Developer - Associate - Prep Course

The Course Overview

03m 10s

IAM Recap – Users, Groups, and Roles

10m 7s

EC2 Recap – Instance Types and EBS

12m 46s

S3 Recap – Object Storage, Lifecycling (Glacier), Storage Types, and Version Control

13m 4s

Exam Tips

05m 10s

Quiz – IAM, EC2, and S3

08m 32s

Chapter: DynamoDB, DNS, and Application Services Exam Prep

DynamoDB Recap – Tables, Indexes, Queries, and Scans

14m 17s

Route53 Recap – DNS and Routing Types

08m 6s

SQS, SNS, and SWF Recap

08m 51s

CloudFormation Recap

02m 38s

Elastic Beanstalk Recap

01m 22s

Exam Tips

03m 23s


05m 29s

Chapter: VPCs Exam Prep

Building a Custom VPC Recap

11m 17s

NATs and Bastion Host Recap

04m 47s

Access Control Lists and Flow Logs Recap

05m 57s

Exam Tips

02m 11s

Quiz – VPCs

02m 58s

Chapter: Final Exam Prep and Tips

What to Expect Going into the Exam?

01m 55s

Exam Format and Structure

02m 27s

Course Content Mega Quiz 1

13m 49s

Course Content Mega Quiz 2

12m 8s

Final Exam Tips

01m 14s